Andy WoodSmith

British Columbia based wood artist, and co founder of the Wood Vibe Tribe

Through a series of events and experiments with wood Andy discovered this form of wood work in which he calls “Painting With Wood” Using the woods natural colours, grain patterns to create 3D wood wall sculptures.

Only 3 years into his craft with absolutely zero wood working training previous, Andy is starting to move around the globe with his work. As co-founder of the Wood Vibe Tribe, a collective made up of 4 solid members Brad Rhadwood, Open(Chris Boux), Kyles Vibes as well as several transient collaborators. The collective has been one of the main forces behind the growth and development of the craft and the individual artists careers within the tribe.

“This journey has taught me one of the most important lessons in life. That art, or the creative pursuit, can be a way of life for everyone!..and by devoting ones self to creating beauty in all aspects of their life, not just the art form alone, one can transform their life into a things of beauty. Im inspired by this idea as seems to rub off on people around me. This is what inspires me. This is why my art will always be shared where it wants to be rather than where it might sell the most. Im learning to listen, and through that listening I know I’ll never starve and I also know that I have no idea on whats coming next! I just know that its going to open my heart even more and hopefully the hearts of many.”