Sasha Rose

Sasha Rose is a multi-talented Canadian singer/songwriter, musician, DJ and producer. From age 16, she began an extensive professional solo-touring career, which took her through the U.S., Australia, Canada and Europe. She has performed as a member or guest of many acts including Freedom Tribe, Prezident Brown, Hamsa Lila, the Funginears, Shimshai, Tina Malia, Goddess Alchemy Project, Random Rab, Anasia, J. Boogie, Vibesquad, Mimosa, Eoto, Lynx, Janover, Everyone Orchestra and others. Sasha has released two solo acoustic albums as Sasha Butterfly, Grace (2001) andCreation Song (2004) and has recorded vocals on over 30 projects including two Random Rab albums, the Interchill release Gathering of the Tribes with her project Kinship, Mimosa’s 2009 album Hostilis and Tea Leaf Green’s 2008 album Raise Up The Tent.  In 2011 she co-produced Qi Goddess (with Jami Deva), which is geared towards healing and meditation.

Sasha began writing songs at a very young age, and began performing under the name Sasha Butterfly at age 15.  She performs her acoustic shows on guitar, african djembe, and an eclectic fusion of vocal looping with simple electronic beats.  Her original lyrics and soulful angelic voice bring awareness and create a deep earth connection to her listeners.  Sasha is also currenty a central member of the music collective Liberation Movement, a collaborative project featuring Resurrector of Heavyweight Dub Champion and Shipibo Shamans from the Peruvian Amazon.

Sasha now performs electronic and acoustic shows under her given name Sasha Rose and brings aspects of her acoustic roots into all her projects, and is currently working on her long awaited acoustic follow-up to Creation Song.