Koda Love

Koda Love is passionate about bringing juicy and delicious beats to the dance floors of BC and beyond. He has a diverse and eclectic flavour that transcends the boundaries of any specific genre or style. The music he selects comes from places as far as the mountains of the South American Andes, the temples of India, the tribal lands of Africa, and as close as the forests of the Pacific Northwest and Cascadia. No matter what style of music he is sharing you can be sure that your body will be moved and grooved.

He is a local resident of Vancouver and has played at various private shows, ecstatic dance jams, festival stages and his own brainchild, the Nectar Gatherings. He is a current resident DJ for Just Dance in Vancouver, BC. – a 24 years going, non profit dance event that happens weekly. In addition to his DJing and music production, Koda is also a singer, songwriter and guitarist.

You can check out his music here: https://soundcloud.com/kodalove