Dane Garfield Wilson

Riding the line between psychedelic 4/4 and bass/ drumnbass with a penchant for classic hiphop and R+B. All mixed with live vocals and beatmatched vocal percussion samples. Throw in live samples from a commercial voice actor and…

Dane currently resides in Seattle, WA. He co-owns the venerable PNW institution, the Re-bar and is currently renovating an event space from the 1880’s into a historically accurate cabaret theater called Nightjar in downtown Seattle. Besides managing the venues, Dane also produces several outdoor festivals/ events like Audiblebicycleday, Chillography, and Natural Mystic. In addition to above ground events, he also produces underground electronic music and art events as part of Wrong Number and Blue Spectral Storm.

“Ive been coming to Orcas Island for year and consider it to be one of the most sacred spaces that I have the honor to return to over and over. Excited to be a part of the Imagine family and share music and sound at one of my favorite events of the year.”