CompFit Allstars

E-funk and The Compfit All Stars create original live Afro-Funk music designed to move your body and energize your spirit. As an exercise physiologist and trained dancer, Eric believes in music and it’s powers to help motivate people to move and heal. His first cd, “Fitness Rhythms,” received a featured page in the Seattle Times for it’s dynamic music and message and became the best selling workout album on Amazon at the time of its release.

Eric opened Compfit – his dance and fitness studio – in 2013. The name of the studio stands for comprehensive fitness. Eric believes in addressing whole body fitness from the physical (muscles, bones and heart) to the spiritual. After spending two years in East Africa as a Peace Corps volunteer in the early nineties Eric came back to the states and soon visited Seattle. He spent his first morning in the Doe Bay hot tubs back in 1996 where he came to quickly realize he felt at home. Six months later he moved to Seattle and now twenty-one years later he will share the love of his work at the place that first drew him to the pacific northwest twenty-one years ago…Doe Bay.

The All Stars are made up of musicians, dancers, singers and other creative artists uniting together to blend Afro-Funk flavor with artistic dance. No matter if your sitting or standing – you will be moving, smiling, and sharing in the Compfit love!