Beatfarmer (Adam Wood), lives in the woods on a raw, west coast island where his homesteading lifestyle keeps him connected with the earth. This connection shows through his music, which incorporates ethnic and tribal sounds with modern electronic beats capturing the energy and beauty of the world he loves. His original productions are filled with natural sounds, chanting and organic percussion, connecting the listener with the traditions of the past – through the sounds of the future! In the past four years, beatfarmer has produced music from his solar powered home studio and released music on Ovnimoon Records, Street Ritual, Maia Brasil as well as numerous other labels.

Beatfarmer has developed a passion for mixing organic world music with electronic beats and takes great care in crafting his sets for individual shows, bringing mind, spirit and body together. Combining energy, healing, beauty, balance, organic sounds and ancient incantations, Beatfarmer will move your body to dance and your spirit to soar!

peace, love , unity, respect