AjA is a duo from Seattle composed of Masaru Higasa (of Yaima & Ototo) and Jila Ji. Together they blend acoustic guitar, heart felt vocals, flute and percussion, weaving a soundscape to invoke heart resonance and presence. Many of their songs come from cultures and traditions from around the world— from Hindu and Buddhist mantras to traditional folkloric and medicine songs of South and North America. Some of their songs are preserved in their essence with melodies and lyrics intact, though most of them were born anew through the magic of listening to the moment, and many of their songs are originals. AjA enjoys offering a balance of songs the listeners can sit back and fully take in, while also playing mantras and chants that invite full participation for anyone feeling moved to sing.

AjA has been playing together since 2012 when they first collaborated for one of Jila’s cacao ceremonies and it was not long after they started recording, performing and holding cacao ceremonies together regularly in the North West. Their first album, Medicina, was released in 2013 and their follow up album will be released later this year. They have mostly shared their songs in intimate settings like yoga studios and house concerts, yet regardless of the group size, the distance between between “performer” and “audienc” tends to fade away and people often feel touched by their own heart through their offerings. AjA means unborn in Sanskrit and their is something in their music that brings us home to that place inside that existed before we were alive and will continue on after we go– they share music from other cultures as a way to see through the barriers that can sometimes keep human beings separate and discover that love that lies deep within us all.