Entheo’s empowering anthems of awakening, buttery rich harmonies and heart-aching vulnerability are but few gifts they offer their audience.  This dynamic duo opens up a space for people to come and take part in a collective experience of remembrance and celebration of togetherness.  Through music, improvisation, and the living art of the moment, a coherent field of playful presence is co-created, rich with medicine for all present.

Sea Stars

Sea Stars

The story of Sea Stars is a romantic and magical tale of two little stars that found the light within themselves, by realizing it in one another. Together, with their hearts leading the way, a musical project was birthed from the Ethers, spreading a sea of magic wherever it goes…

In other words..

In the fall of 2008, with the encouragement of mutual friends (Dik Darnell & Dorie Coffer), Kurt Baumann and Katie Gray were introduced in Hollywood, CA. From the first day of their introduction, Kurt and Katie have invested time, energy and dreaming into the vision of Sea Stars.

The name ‘Sea Stars’ symbolizes the celestial (stars) and fluid (sea) rhythm of the heart and the sounds that stem from it. Though the name is commonly confused with the popular ocean crustacean, Kurt and Katie are completely comfortable being associated with such a lovely little sea creature.

From LA to England, California, Austin and beyond, Sea Stars have called many places their home, now residing in the mountainous terrain of the NW.

Whether from your stereo or a live concert, the sound of Sea Stars pulls you into a mystical realm of dreams and stardust. A place where the heart is an Emperor and the fears are but a fool. A place where Love is understood and judgment is put to rest. Whether a lullaby to ease your thoughts or a hopeful word to awaken you, Sea Stars share the soundtrack to the heart.. and all matters of it.

Katie has spent her performing career a solo act with her guitar, and has focused her energy on the richness of her voice and the art of songwriting. Her song “Set Free” from the album From Far Away was featured on the FOX television show Bones, the iTunes compilation of Spotlight Independent artists as well as various radio stations around the country, including LA’s KCRW and Seattle’s KEXP. In August of 2011, Katie released Love Like Fire, an album featuring over 30 musicians, including members of the Seattle Symphony.


Besides being co-creator and star of Sea Stars, Kurt has most recently launched The Burned, an album that consists of his solo work. Many of his songs are currently playing on AAA radio across the country and have already been featured on TV shows such as Crash, Make It Or Break It and Gossip Girl and NBC’s Chase. He is the former lead singer/creator of the group ‘Kan’Nal’, and also spent much of 2009 as the front man/vocalist for the electro-pop band, ‘Freeland’ (featuring the work of Grammy nominated DJ, Adam Freeland).


Ayla Nereo

Ayla Nereo

“One of the most poignant voices currently floating about… Ayla Nereo is an otherworldly artist who shares the fruits of her soul.”
~ The Huffington Post

“[Ayla’s] relationship with the earth is imprinted in her music… expansive and intriguing.”
~ Billboard

Ayla Nereo‘s voice hits straight to the heart. With an array of loop-pedals by her side, she builds layer upon layer of vocal melodies into fierce, sweeping harmonies and weaves syncopated threads of guitar, kalimba, piano, and percussion into each live performance. Her lucid storytelling and lyrical imagery are water for the thirsty soul; words and sounds that crack open the heart, and embody the many folds of our own selves.

Raised on opera, 60s folk, and psychedelic rock, Ayla’s music touches both the timeless and modern; where prayerful circle songs, mantra, and roots music meet ancient beats and folktronica. Crafting an immersive soundscape we can dive into, Ayla’s performances are each their own inspired journey; an enchanting and poignant experience that holds you by the heart and doesn’t let go.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ayla.nereo.music

LISTEN: http://soundcloud.com/ayla-nereo