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Voice of Truth

Voice of Truth Katie Gray Voice of Truth is an offering geared toward helping people identify shame and fear in order to build true confidence, forgiveness and personal freedom. Through inspirational speaking and a guided presentation, Katie Gray creates a safe and welcoming space to help people understand the pain that is potentially holding them […]

Conscious Evolution

Conscious Evolution Dr. Krikor Andonian (KR3TURE) What we inherited from our ancient ancestors and how we can direct our future evolution. How did humans evolve to have such unique culture and self-aware consciousness? How has human culture been evolving over time and when in our ancestry did spirituality appear? How can the blessings that we […]

Transformational Gatherings Panel

Transformational Gatherings Panel Imagine is one of many in-person gatherings taking place to consciously evolve culture across the globe. Come converse with a seasoned group of event producers about: Why we produce gatherings? Why do you participate in them? What’s going well, or could be done better? What’s the point of diversity? Are psychedelics a […]

Fear and Hope

Fear and Hope James Michael Seehof One of the contemporary struggles in our culture is the contraction of the psyche brought forth through feelings of fear and the expansion found in the seeking of hope and meaning. This workshop will explore the topic through an introductory discussion followed by exploration in small groups and dyads. […]

Healing of Love Film & Discussion

Healing of Love Film & Discussion Healing of Love shares the revolutionary research of Tamera Healing Biotope in Portugal, who have spent 40 years developing social practices and models for a new story of free love – love that is free from fear. They reveal the connection between the war in love and our collective […]

Embodying Consent Culture

Embodying Consent Culture Carey French Consent is more than “yes means yes” and “no means no,” and just talking about consent isn’t enough- it’s time we embody it! Practicing consent well requires a deep look at social power dynamics, a commitment to undoing harmful ideas about intimacy, and a willingness to be accountable when we […]

Building Blocks of Community

Building Blocks of Community Dani Bellavita & Luigi Bellavita So you’re ready to leap out of babylonian society and live in an intentional community! Or, are you? These tool sets will equip you with an understanding of how thriving communities function, what to know before you go, and where to look for the place that […]

Kundalini & Mantra Meditation

Kundalini & Mantra Meditation Erik Blender A vigorous & energizing journey into Kundalini Yoga. Awaken your true power, calm your nervous system, and be empowered to manage your experience with a combination of active & accessible yoga exercises, Kundalini breath practices, mantra & meditation. This is powerful & fun yoga for harmony, happiness, & health! […]