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Drumspyder Scott Sterling brings a deep love of rhythm, drums, and dance to his distinctive style of organic, tribal folktronica.  An expert percussionist specializing in tamborines and framedrums, he weaves together intricate hand percussion and electronic sounds into finely sculpted grooves, equally inspirational to the dancefloor and the on-stage performer. Drawing inspiration primarily from the [...]

Michael Manahan

Michael Manahan Hailing from Seattle, Washington, Michael Manahan brings DJ and live sets that are influenced by cutting edge electronic styles and traditional sounds. This DJ, performer, producer, and space cowboy is an innovator and mainstay of the Pacific Northwest and the West Coast Festival culture. Currently residing as the Lead Producer at Starborne Shows, [...]

Luke Mandala

Luke Mandala LUKE MANDALA – ACTIVATED RECORDINGS, DESERT TRAX, ADDICTECH RECORDS, SELADOR March 2015 saw a new album released with a remix album coming out in April 2015 with remixes from Desert Dwellers, Bluetech, Kaminanda, Govinda, and Adham Shaikh. With Luke’s dynamic performances, depending on the crowd, you may encounter an eclectic mix of [...]


Utooto The essence of Utooto is crafted to create a solid foundation in which the fractal unfoldment of the greater mystery of life can reveal its weavings upon. The formation and performance of the project has been an Imagine Festival exclusive since its origination. The word Utooto is an Okinawan invocation priests or mystics [...]

High Step Society

High Step Society When the honeyed tones of The Jazz Age meld with hottest beat drops of the new millennium, you get High Step Society’s elixir of American Electro Swing. Grandma remembers when she listened to jazz giants on the old Victrola. Grandkids feel the bass beats deep in their chest cavity. Merging dance music [...]

Brian Hartman

Brian Hartman Brian resides in Nevada City, CA where he is one of the leaders in the underground West Coast music scene both as a DJ & event producer. Brian’s refined & versatile sound ranges from sweet dub cumbia to midtempo, organic world beats filled with Latin rhythms, African chants, & Caribbean vibes, to the [...]

Osiris Indriya

Osiris Indriya Osiris Indriya began developing his deep and driving sound in 1997. After 7 years playing bass guitar and low brass in school and garage bands, he found something unexpected in the bins of a local record store. The album was µ-Ziq vs. The Auteurs. It didn’t follow any of the standard rules of [...]

Rob Noble

Rob Noble Since 2000, Rob Noble has been a dedicated force in the Pacific Northwest’s underground music scene. Getting his start with the original Kaos Theory crew and DJ’ing at large events at the peak of the underground raves scene. During that time, Rob released two very well received mix CD’s which lead him to [...]


Phidelity This is the blog of Kris Northern aka phidelity. I am a free-lance graphic designer / musician based in Portland, Oregon with many  interests leaning towards the nerdy end of the spectrum. Some of these include Isometric Art, Origami Tesselations, graffiti, fractals, Sacred Geometry, photography, object oriented design and art as well all manners [...]