Voice of Truth

Katie Gray

Voice of Truth is an offering geared toward helping people identify shame and fear in order to build true confidence, forgiveness and personal freedom. Through inspirational speaking and a guided presentation, Katie Gray creates a safe and welcoming space to help people understand the pain that is potentially holding them back from loving and living life to the fullest.

Voice of Truth is a workshop experience that is designed for participants to experience deep healing and peace together in a shared environment. I have merged group exercises, personal sharing and a sound bath meditation to awaken a sense of truth and awareness through the power of vulnerability, presence and compassion.

As women, we hold the power of the World in our wombs and the ability to birth life through our bodies. Yet, we are trained to feel weak, small & shameful.

We silently withhold our truths and experiences from one another for fear of being judged. We compete with one another rather than support one another. We put on a strong exterior so as to stay safe.

Safe from what??

What if there was enough honesty and trust to speak our truth and truly connect with one another?

What if we made the commitment to choose love instead of fear?

I believe in this birthing and freedom of the true and wild woman.

Fear and Hope

Fear and Hope

James Michael Seehof

One of the contemporary struggles in our culture is the contraction of the psyche brought forth through feelings of fear and the expansion found in the seeking of hope and meaning. This workshop will explore the topic through an introductory discussion followed by exploration in small groups and dyads. Participants will acquire insight into their personal challenges while gaining compassion towards the struggles of others. We are moving into an age of mass participation in societal and cultural change that requires the activation and inclusion of a greater number of individuals. Dynamic format flexibility depending on the number of participants.

Carey French Consent Culture

Embodying Consent Culture

Carey French

Consent is more than “yes means yes” and “no means no,” and just talking about consent isn’t enough- it’s time we embody it!
Practicing consent well requires a deep look at social power dynamics, a commitment to undoing harmful ideas about intimacy, and a willingness to be accountable when we mess up… And beyond that, it requires us to fully inhabit our bodies, to notice sensation and communicate authentically with each other from a place of alignment and rootedness.
Come embody these skills in a choice-based container held with deep love, fierce tenderness, and committed integrity. Let’s build the world we want to live in.

Building Blocks of Community

Building Blocks of Community

Dani Bellavita & Luigi Bellavita

So you’re ready to leap out of babylonian society and live in an intentional community! Or, are you? These tool sets will equip you with an understanding of how thriving communities function, what to know before you go, and where to look for the place that matches your special needs and offerings. We’ll provide the information and practices to prepare you for a life-changing experience that will challenge you, exhilarate you, and bring forth the very best of yourself you didn’t know existed. From addressing conflict to zero waste systems – learn the ABC’s for your Plan Z!

Welcome to the Circle! Agile, Brief & Concise
The Nature of Being Human: Awareness, Boundaries & Consent
Socially Accountable Activism: Allies, Borders & Culture
What’s The Matter? Responsible Resourcery
Communiversity of Peace Talks

Katie Gray Women's Council

Women’s Council

Coming Soon

Imagine Men's Council

Men’s Council – Rites of Passage

Journeymen & Re/culture

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Kundalini Yoga & Mantra Meditation

Kundalini & Mantra Meditation

Erik Blender

A vigorous & energizing journey into Kundalini Yoga. Awaken your true power, calm your nervous system, and be empowered to manage your experience with a combination of active & accessible yoga exercises, Kundalini breath practices, mantra & meditation. This is powerful & fun yoga for harmony, happiness, & health! Sat Nam!

Authentic Relating

Authentic Relating

Jesse French & K Stellar Dutcher

Together we’ll create structured space to drop below small talk, practice emotional literacy, build community and make room for deep human connection – just as we are. We’ll build a framework for the genuine open-hearted flow that many festival-goers are seeking, and “drop in” to the beginning of a beautiful weekend together.

Integrating Personal Power

Integrating Personal Power

Katie McKenna, LMHC

Do you want to lead a creative life of authentic empowerment? Personal empowerment is available when we are in acceptance of ourselves, we know our truth and we communicate clearly, all on the multiple dimensions of body, mind and soul. Blocks to personal power are fear, guilt, shame and judgment. Practices of compassion, forgiveness and gratitude help to let go of those blocks. Our individual work is not to be good vs. bad – our work is to become our true self. Workshop will include partnered sharing and somatic practices.

Herbalism & Interspecies Comunication

Herbalism & Interspecies Communication

Ellen Kamhi PhD, RN

Lets start in the “classroom” and investigate the scientific research linked to the the phenomena of the consciousness of plants! Then we will wander in the field, surrounded by the pulsating life force and being-ness of those around us- including animals, plants, stones, earth, sky, water and more. Whether you connect through spirit or through science, the result is the same- you and all are part of a whole. Lets experiment with ancient experiential communication techniques, used by the ancestors and modern sensitivities alike so we can hear, smell, feel and communicate with our brother, sister and androgynous selves and mirror image beings . If you would like to (not required) bring a dowsing tool such as a pendulum to assist in enhancing your sensitivity to the outcry of energetic voices seeking to communicate with you in a mutually beneficial reciprocal exchange.