Lily Le

Rae Vena

My greatest success over the years has been sharing the gift of inspiration with others. Recent revelations have aided me to highlight this important intention for my 2017 festival tour. If I could carry only one message through my art it would be this simple but powerful verse:  “Inspire Love”  We all seek and aspire towards a positive epiphany at this particular crossroad and through live art, self expression is a well loved journey both inwards and outwards!  Ineffable benefits are abound for the artist and beholder! What improv painting unfolds on my canvas further reflects another facet of my inner self.. Perhaps even a cue to the next path on my vision quest  My past esteemed artworks have held upmost detail to a ethereal theme, and through this artistic style I envision my further transcendence in art.  Baby blue, pink and mint, a splash of black white, rainbow.. 8 years experience, and with each year passing my talent progresses; the best is only yet to come! I am proud to present another summer of art!