Imagine Festival 2017

Reality unfolds and is guided by the vision we hold in our hearts. This is our vision. Join us for the next Imagine Music & Arts Festival. Our mission is to bring a sense of beauty, joy and awe to the world, offered up with a bit of love and kindness. We strive to showcase emerging culture by exhibiting the cutting edge of art, learning and music of our community.

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A musical experience…

The sound that resides inside of us is the sound that we share. We have worked hard to curate some of the finest music artists on the west coast and beyond. From some of the finest electronic music producers in the world along with an array of live bands and acoustic music.  The Imagine lineup has been carefully designed to be a wonderful showcase of sound and music.

Music Lineup

Visual performances

Performance art is one of the oldest art forms known. Imagine will be featuring performance artists ranging from aerial silks, acrobatics, live painting, clowns, dance classes, fire art, dance performances and intentional dramatic pieces. Each of our performers has worked countless hours to bring their art for us to enjoy.


Visionary Art Gallery

Imagination is the ability to envision and see in to the intricacies of reality.  The gift of the artist is the ability to look in to these depths and bring forth a representation of the beautiful realms of the human mind. Through light, pigments and pixels we will weave a tapestry of art and poetic performance. The artist simultaneously reflects and creates culture in the the same moment.


Ideas for the future…

We are living in a time of immense change, the old rules are in flux and new visions for the future are forming. Imagine Festival workshops will explore ideas pertaining to the environment, activism,  cutting edge psychology research, body movement, vibration, sustainable communities and much more! Our goal is to think outside the box and have the discussion as a community about things that really matter for the future. Nature, consciousness, relationships, well-being…We  hope you can join us.